Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daily Horoscope ko today


September 28, 2009: You need to be more creative when it comes to asking someone for a date. For some, being introduced to a new love prospect is possible. (By Edel C.S.)

-> totoo ba 'to? need to be more creative... hmmm... e kung ipa-kidnapped ko kaya parents nya at ang hinihingi ng mga kidnappers para pakawalan ito ay hindi pera, kundi makita kaming magka-date. Creative di ba?
Or magtxt nalang ako sa kanya: Pwede ka bang maka-date? text YES kung OO or text NO kung OO. Siguro naman matutuloy ang date namin.

Pisceans have colorful personalities. They are not only creative and friendly, they are caring and nurturing as well. They are peace loving persons and hate arguments. They see the world as a peaceful and safe place.


Pisceans excel in humanitarian work, social work, nursing and medicine. They are also great artists: singer, poets, writers, actors. But when it comes to handling finances, they need someone to do the budgeting for them and live on an allowance as they have this tendency to spend on things that they don't really need.


They will pour out their love and affection to their partner. They are very loyal, romantic and sentimental. They seldom forget important dates. But they are also idealistic and sometimes, the harsh reality of life can be a blow to them. They must learn to build a solid foundation in the relationship to make it last. They are compatible with water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


Pisceans are like sponges for they easily absorb the negative things around them. The best way for them to release stress and tension is through meditation or yoga.

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